Retro - Style

Art Deco Chair
Retro style furniture is old fashioned and out of date, and that is the beauty of it. Art Deco from the 1930’s, steel and Formica from 1950’s America, the outrageous ‘60’s and the 1970’s that took the 60’s and made it mainstream o­nly bigger. Each era has an atmosphere based o­n clean lines and definitive shapes and some pieces, still in good shape, add glamour to a modern room today. If you would like to enhance your decor with some retro style, here is some general information.

If it is possible for you to get an authentic piece, possibly used before, so much the better. Buying used furniture is not as dull as it sounds. This furniture was made for durability as well as functionality. It is a good way to help save trees and reduce chemicals being released into the earth. You get a double bonus, a truly retro piece of furniture as well as an eco-friendly choice and if it is a good or especially funky piece, it will go up in value and be a good investment.

Retro furniture can be the centerpiece of your home décor. It will maintain the clean line style while standing out with its distinctive classic look. If you want to have a really hip room, get an egg chair, a starburst clock or some hat style lamp shades. This distinctive furniture needs the right accessories including posters of 20 year old rock concerts, your face in a Warhol quarter or a hot dog telephone. The furniture designers and architects in the early part of the last century, invented the modern style and it is still fashionable today. If you can’t find an original in a garage sale or o­nline, look at discount furniture manufactures, because these styles are still being made. It is called contemporary and may have exactly the mid twentieth century look you want.