Modern Wall Decorations

The hardest part of decorating your modern style home may be the selection of wall decorations. There are so many to choose from that the selection process may seem overwhelming. You will want to remember that modern design should be kept simple. Carefully consider your options for wall decorations and select a minimal number of impressive items rather than a large number of assorted items that could result in a chaotic appearance o­n your walls.

Wall decals and vinyl letters are popular forms of modern wall art. You can display a personal sentiment o­n the wall or select from various quotes that express you thoughts. You can easily find wall decals related to sports, hobbies, and personal interest categories such as pets and travel destinations. Pop art designs are a good choice in a modern style room.

Metal designs compliment a modern decor. Wall murals are also a possible options. Many of these are designed to look like large puzzles o­n the wall. Abstract configurations of various types of objects look great in a modern style room. An oversize poster in a design of your choice can be a focal point to any living or dining area. Framed black and white photographs are a subtle but effective form of modern wall art.

If you want to truly express your individuality, you can actually hang a piece of art o­n your wall that is a depiction of your DNA or is your fingerprint transformed into art. Light panels are a possible wall decoration in a modern style room. You can use light colors to set the mood of the room.

Mirrors are an effective way to make a small space feel more expansive. A wall mirror in a modern designed frame is a great addition to any room of your home.