Modern - Style

Empire Chair
Many people are not sure what defines a piece of furniture as being modern and have no idea of what aesthetic modern furniture designers are attempting to capture. This is primarily because the word modern has such an amorphous meaning. Modern furniture refers to furniture created between the late 19th century and the present. It is characterized by a rejection of heavy fabrics and woods in favor of polished metal and a visually lighter look. If o­ne is trying to identify modern furniture, a few things distinguish it from other period styles.

Modern furniture is practical, functional, and convenient. These pieces are designed to maximize the materials that are used. The modern style seeks to be technically innovative and utilize the new styles and ideas of the present. Modern furniture designers took their influences from new manufacturing practices, the Werkbund School, the Bauhaus School, and the creative energy of artists.

Modern furniture utilizes modern materials such as stainless steel, plastic, and chrome. These materials epitomize modernity because they came directly out of the industrial and manufacturing revolutions of the late nineteenth and twentieth century. Stainless steel, plastic, and chrome can be molded into new shapes, which led to great innovations in style and design. These new shapes and styles helped to foster the creation of practical and convenient furniture that captured the modern aesthetic.

Modern furniture is also very colorful. Since earlier periods were staid, modern artists began to splash color o­n everything. These colors add a sense of urgency and capture the energy that was unleashed by the modern movement. Modern furniture has implemented vibrant color into its aesthetic.

Wassily Chair
There are many classic modern furniture pieces. The Barcelona chair, the Wassily chair, and the Noguchi coffee table are iconic examples of the modern style. Although many people like the overly ornate styles of furniture from previous eras, the modern style broke completely from the past in order to capture lightening in a bottle.