Deco Cat Lamp
Whether you are looking for a chic desk lamp to provide useful lighting for your workspace or you need a couple of great table lamps to provide ambient lighting for your living room, shopping around for lamps is o­ne of the most interesting parts of interior design. If your tastes run along the more modern urban trends that are currently dominating the world of fashion and design, then you are probably in the market for lamps that provide simple elegance with the balanced aesthetics that have become so popular in recent years.

Most of the lamps that are inspired by modern fashion trends consist of a clean, white lampshade and an understated base that does not distract from the eye. Depending o­n the layout of your home and your current lighting needs, there are modern lamps that are clearly based o­n the sculptures found in today's leading art galleries, as well as lamps that consist of straight lines and confident curves that do blend into the background of a room. Another current trend in modern lamps is the use of frosted white glass that replaces the use of a traditional cloth lampshade and provides a much crisper quality of light to your home.

If there is o­ne thing that nearly all modern lamps have in common, it is that they nearly all incorporate brushed stainless steel into the design of their base. This steel is often formed into attractive curves or bold, thin curves. Quite often, you will also find that a designer has mixed both steel and black polymers or wood into the base of the lamp that balance against o­ne other with their complementary or conflicting forms. The history of the design of these styles of modern lamps is firmly rooted in the trends in modern art that have evolved over the past 50 years.