Deko- Accessories

Frederick Rhead Vase
From 1925 to the 1940’s architecture, industrial design, interior design and other decorative and visual arts were affected by Art Deco, an international art design movement that was, and still is, considered glamorous, modern, elegant and functional. Today these pieces, whether old or new, are unusual retro, stylish and hip. A fully designed Art Deco house included not o­nly the furniture but also the accessories o­n side tables, lamp shades, wall art and even the toilet paper holder. These objects are sleek and functional and are essential for the final touch of retro.

Deko accessories include statuary of slim dancers in the moonlight, humans and animals in smooth realism, tea service and coffee sets that look like pure art, and the sun burst, a graphic design you can find o­n the sides of sky scrapers, wall clocks, radiator grilles and ladies’ shoes. These retro accessories will add elegance to any room decorated in the modern style. Mirrors are another modern Deko accessory that are available in fantastic styles with summer maidens holding disks of mirrored glass and fan paneled photo frames straight from a 1930’s movie set. Clocks are another popular Deko accessory for the wall or mantle piece or a side table. Like any Art Deco design, a common functional object is transformed into a work of art to be displayed proudly.

Art Deco Deko-Piece
Vases for fresh cut flowers are hugely popular, in swirling crystal or pastel ceramic as well as silver and bronze, as Deko accessories in a modern style room. Table lamps and ceiling light fixtures add to the look. You can find pieces o­nline by country of design, for example, American Art Deco or German, French or Italian. If you have a room with modern furniture, preferably in pastel colors, Deko accessories will give the old fashioned glamorous look that’s hip and stylish.