Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplace
Nothing warms up a room like a cozy fireplace blazing away, but environmentally conscious consumers have justifiable concerns about adding o­ne to their room designs. Luckily, retro - unusual - stylish - hip fireplace designers have developed exciting eco-friendly alternatives to the wood-burning brick hearth style of yesteryear.

Using such renewable resources as denatured ethanol (made from corn) or alcohol-based bio-gels, eco-fireplaces produce a clean flame that requires no messy clean up. These clever fireplaces have control valves so you can adjust the heat to avoid wasting fuel. Depending o­n the intensity of the fire, o­ne gallon of ethanol will burn from 5-10 hours and gel fuel o­nly cost about $1 an hour to run.

Eclectic decorators can choose from an impressive selection of clean burning flue-less fireplaces, many of which require no installation and cost as little as $300. Some imaginative models have little glass enclosed fireplaces built right into the coffee table, others are portable table-top models that resemble a laptop computer and some look like pieces of art that can be mounted o­n the wall or placed in front of a window.

These cute, efficient portable models are perfect for apartments, offices, restaurants and outdoor gatherings where installing an old-fashioned fireplace would be out of the question. There are sleek, modern designs in all kinds of geometric shapes and some are even fashioned to look like contemporary television sets!

If you want a more permanent eco-friendly fireplace, you can easily embed o­ne into an existing wall since it requires no flue for outdoor ventilation. There are also free-standing, see-through round fireplaces made with elegant copper or aluminum frames that are designed to make the fire appear to be suspended in mid air. Undoubtedly, the hardest part of getting an eco-friendly fireplace is deciding which o­ne to choose!