Modern Classic - Style

Bedroom Furniture by Mackintosh
Modern style furniture is somewhat of a variation of the vintage classic style of furniture. This style features sleek sofa and chair designs. Many of the modern classic sofas and chairs are upholstered in black or white leather which gives them a very sophisticated appearance. You can also locate various shades of brown for living room chairs. If you want to add a burst of color to your living room, red cushions and upholstery tends to be the most popular choice of color for a modern classic style of decorating.

The fact that modern classic style draws inspiration from retro and vintage styles of furniture is evident in the chaise lounges available. They are modernistic in appearance yet still invite you to settle into them for an extended time of relaxation. The vintage upholstered chairs with simple wooden frames and thin cushioned seats and curved backs have taken o­n a new look. The orbit chair and the egg chair are more modern versions of a chair that you can nestled into.

Modern classic style bedroom furniture often features beds with panel headboards. The entire furniture set is simple in design. Platform beds are a popular choice for classic modern bedroom furniture. There are numerous options of platform beds to select from. If neither of these actually satisfy your decorating desire, you might want to explore the option of a curved bed frame that is slightly elevated off the floor according to its wavy design.

You can enhance your modern classic decor with accent tables, appropriately styled lighting options, and accessories such as rugs and pillows. In the bedroom, you can further enhance the modern classic style by selecting bed coverings, rugs, lamps, and accessories that coincide with this style of decorating.