Mediterranean - Style

Once you decide that you want to decorate your house or apartment in Mediterranean style, you will discover that many other styles correlate with Mediterranean decor. You will discover Greek, Spanish, Moroccan, and Old World Tuscan furnishings used in Mediterranean decor. There are similarities among these various styles and slight differences that make each o­ne unique. o­nce you decide which Mediterranean influence you want to use in your home, you will be ready to begin your search for the pieces that fit your space and satisfy your decorating desires.

Most Mediterranean style furniture is created o­n a rather grand scale. Therefore, you will need large rooms to accommodate these pieces of furniture. Rich, dark wood is typical of a Mediterranean bedroom set, dining table, or armoire. It is quite common to find wrought iron incorporated with the wood in Mediterranean style furniture. A chest of drawers, dresser, or vanity is likely to have a marble top. This exemplifies the sophistication associated with this style of furniture. Another common feature of Mediterranean furniture is curved table legs. These legs often have carved designs o­n them to add to their beauty.

A sofa or accent chair in Mediterranean style is often upholstered in richly colored tapestry style fabric. Frequently, the sofa back is elegantly designed as opposed to simply being straight across the top.

Living room accent tables often have metal or wrought iron legs with scroll designs. A Mediterranean Baker's rack with beautiful scroll designs is a nice addition to your kitchen, dining area, an entry way, or hallway.

A Mediterranean style home has a combination of warm rustic old world charm combined with regal, tapestry fabric and intricate wrought iron scroll designs. It is certainly an impressive style of decorating.