Architect Desk Lamp
You can incorporate retro style lamps into almost any room of your house or apartment. Selecting retro style furniture, lamps, and accessories is a creative way to bring color and functionality to small rooms. Retro colors are cheerful and can brighten the atmosphere of your home.

If you have chosen a retro style decor for your living area, there are numerous styles of retro lamps you can incorporate into your decor. Floor lamps area good choice. They can be placed in various corners of the room to provide lighting for specific areas. Retro floor lamps usually have a chrome or brushed nickel base and post. You have a multitude of shade options. Selecting a floor lamp with a pull chain adds even more authenticity to the lamp.

Table lamps and desk lamps in retro designs can be added to your living area, bedroom, or home office area. Goose neck lamps are the perfect choice for your desk. It is often the lamp shade, more so than the lamp base, that gives a lamp its retro appearance.

You can decorate a child's room, especially a teenager's room, with retro lamps that have wild colors and funky designs o­n their lamp shade. A young girl would probably be delighted with a pink or purple retro lamp with beads around the top of the shade as part of her bedroom decor.

If you are really adventurous and creative, you might want to find a way to add some retro style Christmas lights to you decor. Toss a few in a basket as a tabletop display if you can't find any other use for them. And don't abandon the idea of using the ultra retro rotating light that illuminated those popular silver Christmas trees as part of your decorating theme.