Deko- Accessories

Once you purchase the pieces of furniture you need to give your home a nostalgic, retro atmosphere, you will want to include a few accessories in your decorating plan. This is the perfect time to set your imagination free and have some fun decorating your home.

Retro wall decorations could include retro style clocks, possibly those that promote a certain product, or neon advertising signs. For a real retro affect, you could hang a vintage pay phone o­n the wall. Pop art posters are an excellent choice of wall decoration.

A shag rug certainly fits into a retro decor. Adding a vintage desk telephone in a retro color is a fantastic way to accessorize a desk in your retro style home. Almost any retro room needs o­ne or more lava lamps included in them. And, whether it's summer or not, a brightly colored retro tabletop fan adds an element of function and fun to a room.

If you designed your kitchen or dining area with a chrome table or retro bar stools, you can continue the theme with numerous accessories. Place a retro colored toaster and mixer o­n your kitchen counter. Add some soda fountain items such as a container with straws, a napkin holder or retro salt and pepper shakers to your table. Be sure to invest in some brilliant, retro colored dishes to compliment your decor.

Black and white checked fabric definitely fits into a retro design. It could be your choice of floor covering or you could include rugs that add the nostalgic black and white to your room. Take advantage of retro bedding, pillows, and retro lamps to decorate your bedroom.

If a big ticket item is o­n your wish list, you might want to include a juke box in your retro room.