Classic - Style

Shaker Furniture
While the aesthetic influences of modern design have come to dominate much of the furniture and decor that is currently o­n the market, traditional furniture continues to be very popular in many American and European homes. From elegant dining room tables and chairs to beautiful wooden bedroom sets, classic furniture is built to pass the test of time and never goes out of style. If you are in the market for a few pieces of classic furniture or decor to tie a room together, it is helpful to be familiar with the most important styles of classic interior design. Here is a quick look at the basic elements of Arts and Crafts, Windsor, Shaker and Mission furniture.

Arts and Crafts Furniture Design

The arts and crafts movement emerged during the 19th century as a reaction to the lack of quality or artistic merit in the furniture that was being mass produced during the industrial revolution. The basic principles of arts and crafts design are a simplicity of form that often exposes the details of how the item was constructed. Unlike Victorian furniture, arts and crafts fully embraces the tastes and values of rural cultures.

Windsor Furniture Design

The designs that would come to be known as Windsor furniture first appeared during the 17th century in rural England, and Windsor chairs remain a popular item of classic furniture to this day. A Windsor chair consists of a broad seat with legs made of simple turned wood and a broad back made of a number of thin rods of wood.

Shaker and Mission Furniture Design

Shaker Furniture
Shaker and Mission furniture are two types of classical furniture that are based o­n distinctly American designs. Shaker furniture was developed by a religious society known as the Shakers and is known for the simplicity of its design and unusual methods of joinery. Mission furniture consists of simple lines and panels that accentuate the natural qualities of the wood itself.