One of the first visions that come to mind when thinking about retro chairs is chrome bar stools. You can search for vintage stools from the 50's or you can easily find reproductions at o­nline sites, furniture stores, or various department stores. Estate sales, antique shops, and possibly consignment shops are your best options when searching for vintage version.

If you have a bar area in your kitchen, there are several styles of retro bar stools to choose from. Some stools have a back while other styles do not. The footrest o­n the stool also differs. Some stools swivel. Perhaps the most comfortable style of retro bar stool is the swivel style that has a back, a foot rest, and arm rests.

A small eating area in an apartment is the perfect place for a small retro chrome table with two or four chairs. You can choose chair cushions in a wide variety of colors that were popular in the 1950's era. o­nce again, you have several chair styles to choose from.

To create a retro style living area, you will certainly want to include a few accent chairs in a 1950's style. o­nce again you have the option of vintage or reproduction. Typically, a retro chair for your living room would be those designed with a simple wooden frame that has a thin cushion for its back and seat. Another style is the totally upholstered chair that often swivels and has a back curve design. The more authentic you are with your color choices, the more impressive your retro designed room will be.

Those distinctively designed metal chairs that sat in many yards and o­n numerous porches in the 1950's would be a wonderful item to include in your retro chair collection.